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Shamrock Shakedown

Last month, the OAC Enrichment Team hosted a "Shamrock Shakedown" for clients and staff. During the Shakedown, everyone enjoyed the "Leprechaun Shuffle," "Pot of Gold Ring Toss," and "Clover Patch." The Leprechaun Shuffle was the afternoon's highlight. Clients had to focus on the black pots while the leprechauns quickly shuffled them around, trying to trick them. 'Once the shuffle ended, clients had to select which pot held the pot of gold. If they picked the pot of gold, they could win a prize. Clients and staff also enjoyed some dancing and indulged in chili cheese nachos. Before departing, all clients were encouraged to select a clover from our clover patch. Some clovers were just good luck symbols, while others contained the luck of a gift.

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