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Open Arms Care is Grateful For Staff Resiliency

Open Arms Care , has been challenged by the COVID pandemic like everyone else. What keeps our heads afloat is the dedication of our employees and teammates to continue to make a difference in the lives of the people we are charged with caring for. Through their time, their creativity and their flexibility we have successfully impacted statewide infection rates.

As infections have entered our homes it has become necessary to convert our Day Services Program locations into quarantine space. We know that not everyone is as fortunate as OAC but we use our Day Programs as part of our Emergency Preparedness Plan and this has truly meant a big difference in our

ability to control infection rates . The attached picture is from our Chattanooga site where employees are in full Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) garb getting ready to take on the day.

Over the coming weeks and months we should all have access to the COVID inoculation program. The creation of these vaccines in such a short timeframe is truly remarkable and on behalf of Team OAC we are grateful to be included as one of the first company’s to be included in the early distribution for both our clients and staff. Until that happens, please everyone wear a mask and stay a safe distance. To our team of essential workers, thank you.

George Stevens, CEO

Open Arms Care

(pictured, Cindy M., Lisa P., Craig M., Phoebe C.., Alicia C., and Darla S.)

Open Arms Care is an Intermediate Care Facility contracted with the state of Tennessee and under the direction of DIDD. For more than thirty years, OAC has been dedicated to providing integrated long term services and supports in a community setting. Through a network of more than forty homes specially designed for the care of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; we continue our mission to assist our residents to reach their maximum potential and lead dignified and meaningful lives.

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