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A very special Christmas!

Dear Caring Community:

On behalf of Open Arms Care and all of our Nashville clients, I want to thank a very special company, Synchrony Pharmacy and their employees for adopting Open Arms Care Nashville.

They were so generous and thoughtful, like we have never seen. I can’t wait to see all the happy faces when they get to open their personal gifts.

We appreciate you!

Thank you Synchrony Pharmacy

for taking us under your angel wings!

Merry Christmas,

George Stevens, CEO

Open Arms Care Corporation

Open Arms Care is an Intermediate Care Facility contracted with the state of Tennessee and under the direction of DIDD. For more than thirty years, OAC has been dedicated to providing integrated long term services and supports in a community setting. Through a network of more than forty homes specially designed for the care of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; we continue our mission to assist our residents to reach their maximum potential and lead dignified and meaningful lives.

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