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Open Arms Chattanooga is recipient of a "Music Wall"

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Larry is getting down with his bad self. A musical mallet in each hand, he pounds on tambourines & crashes on two cymbals. Larry is one of Open Arms Care clients who has fallen in love with the Music Wall.

The Wall was conceived and built by four UTC engineering students as part of the introduction to engineering design class. The multi instrumental Wall was chosen as a project to help individuals with disabilities to stimulate their senses, entertain the user & accommodate the user to make sounds.

Organizations such as Open Arms Care are chosen to help not only clients with disabilities, but also challenge the student to come up with solutions to meet their client’s needs.

The music wall is 5 feet long, three feet tall and hangs in the Open Arms Care facility. Along with meeting the American with Disability Act requirements, the wall has 12 cow bells, two triangles, two sets of wind chimes, a xylophone, two tambourines, two cymbals and a steel drum. Multi-colored, interlocking foam squares were used for texture and safety. The innovative, fun design went on several test runs while it was being made.

On installation day, Open Arms Care employees and clients were euphoric!

A lot of jamming went on!

People playing drums

People building / repairing drum set

Matthew Branning - man building drum set

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